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Sahil Mudasir

Sahil Mudasir is from Melahura Shopian. A teacher by profession, Sahil is the author of "Secrets of an Occupied Heart" and "The Shadows". He can be emailed on
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From The Top of GEMS

"From the top floor of the highest seat, Of learning, I can behold the beauty, Spread all over the lawns beneath, Like a source of joy, never-ending."

On Her Arrival

"I see from far off Beauty of my beloved Where fireflies glowing Like embers, Take her down From the stony Menelaus."


A cup of tea early in the morning Is something I always love taking While I lie abed My mother makes it ready on the table With some...


"In the desolate wilderness I call thy name, My love! And abraded my heart With my fingernails Until they dissolve into my blood," writes the poet.


"They call me a woman And not a human, I am fixed Like a portrait On the walls of society; For there are only few Spectators to see, And enjoy my show."

Wars Are Scars On History

"There is disturbance inside and outside, as peaceful nature is being infected and castigated by the 'Guardians of Peace'," writes the poet.

An Aura of Occupation

"We live in the aura of occupation Where innocence is suspicious Where humanity is at stake," writes the poet Sahil Mudasir.

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Kashmir political leaders accuse authorities of arresting their workers

J&K political leaders, including Sajjad Gani Lone and Altaf Bukhari, have raised concerns over the arrest and harassment of workers ahead of the polls.