How to Play JetX Game in India?

JetX Game in India

Want to win at JetX? The simplest and most effective explanation in the review explains where you should start, what additional features the game has and how to properly use the Auto Bet and Auto Withdraw functions. Scroll down to get a simple explanation of the game rules.

JetX Game: How to Play Online?

The JetX game occupies the top of the ratings of popular entertainment. It is not surprising, because the slot is an innovative project due to its features. When creating the emulator, the developer SmartSoft Gaming did not go the usual way. It used a different gameplay than the standard versions. You will not find reels and paylines when playing JetX. But you will be able to try on the role of the captain of the aircraft and earn a large sum of money.

How To Play JetX: Basic Game Criteria

JetX is a mini-game that lasts about 15 seconds. Your task is to place a bet by selecting a value between 0.1 and 1100 bets. The spread is wide enough so that there is no problem. There are options for both small deposits and large balances. For convenience, it is recommended to place a double bet. Using the buttons located side by side, you can specify the size of the first and second investment.

As soon as you place a bet, the airplane starts to move. The more it flies, the higher the odds. The latter is not responsible for the final reward. When calculating your winnings, your bet is multiplied by the fixed odds when you press the “Take” button.

It can be stopped as soon as you take off. But in this case, the odds are not very high. Alternatively, take small steps to win. If you want to make a big payout for the first flight, wait until the coefficient rises to the desired value. But keep in mind that according to the rules of the game, the plane will explode. This means that you lose the money you bet. To avoid being a loser, you need to get your money before the explosion.

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Rules Of The Game

The aim of JetX is simple:

  • An airplane soars through the sky;
  • The ever-changing numbers on the left side of the screen, as it flies, will determine how much your bet is multiplied by;
  • The large on-screen buttons are for confirming and withdrawing funds. The size and automation of the bet/withdrawal can be adjusted nearby;
  • If you do not withdraw your wager before the plane goes up in flames, all your money will be lost;
  • If a player does not press the “Collect” button before his plane explodes, he loses the round and his bet. But if they manage to press it in time, their multiplier will be multiplied by the original bet amount.

How To Bet?

No one strategy is equally correct, so JetX provides all people with the freedom to select and create their own strategies. Unlike other JetX Bet on how to play it does not provide unambiguous answers. You should look for a few strategies on forums and start with them, then you will be able to understand how to play the game based on your own experience.

Bets are placed at the beginning of the round before the start, after that no one can go out and change the amount of money placed. The winner will be determined by the results obtained in the process of calculating the odds. You should always be careful and pay full attention before flying because one wrong action can separate you from a big score.

Automatic Betting & Automatic Withdrawal

The game is versatile and it has two options that facilitate some gaming activities of the users to reduce the control continuously over the game. The game has two exciting features: Auto Withdrawal and Auto Bet. You can configure the Auto Withdraw option so that when the same values are equal, the software will make withdrawals from the game. Auto Bet is valuable because in it you can make the same amount in every round.

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Why Is JetX So Popular?

Launched in 2019, it didn’t take long for JetX to win the applause of gaming enthusiasts around the world. The variety of game features, big wins and, above all, exciting games have made it an easy choice for online casino players. Here are a few reasons why JetX is one of the best casino games:

  • Simple rules and clear gameplay;
  • You can play many rounds of JetX games in a short amount of time;
  • Visually appealing game with lots of elements;
  • The automatic withdrawal feature is also a great addition to JetX games, maximizing your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the JetX Game?

JetX is an online game in which a jet aircraft takes off from a runway after bets have been placed. The goal of the JetX game is to get the winnings before the plane explodes in the sky.

Does JetX Have a Demo Version?

Yes. Licensed online casinos provide a free demo version of the game, where you can test your skills without making a deposit and then move on to play for real money.

What is the Goal of the JetX Game?

The goal of the game is to place your bet before the plane takes off and get your money before it crashes.

Where Can I Play the JetX Game?

You can play the JetX game on any licensed platform that is known in Brazil and offers safe betting.

Can I Win Big by Playing the JetX Game?

Yes, you can win big when playing JetX.

Disclaimer: Gambling involves risk. Please only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose.

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