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Boxing is an interesting sports discipline for betting due to the spectacular fights, a large number of sensations and frequent value quotes. All bettors should try betting on boxing, the main thing is to conduct a complete sports analysis, taking into account all the components. Well, put in a suitable Pin Up.

Boxing is one of the 10 most popular sports, attracting spectacle, thirst for wrestling and fights of your favorite athletes. Boxing bets in bookmakers pinup-betindia.in are also popular – guessing the outcome of a fight with proper analysis is not so difficult, and value quotes allow you to get more profit at a distance.

So, bookmakers often make mistakes when calculating quotes and put inflated quotes for the victory of one or another fighter. In addition to this, boxing matches take place throughout the year – you can bet on boxing at any time. There are many advantages, but it is important to know how to use them.

How to analyze boxing matches?

Before placing a bet on boxing correctly, a thorough sports analysis is required. The analysis of box matches for betting should include these parameters:

  • The current form and statistics of fighters are the basic parameters for analyzing any boxing match. What is the boxer’s overall record, how long ago did he enter the ring? Look also at the percentage of knockouts performed by a fighter in general and recently;
  • The weight category of athletes – If not their weight, boxers can show worse results. Plus, you need to consider that in heavier weights, the probability of a knockout is higher;
  • The age of athletes – In boxing, the age of about 33-35 years is considered the peak. Usually, at this age, they reach the peak of endurance. Young boxers often do not last the whole distance, and veterans (40+) try not to look for trouble;
  • Dimensions (height, arm span of opponents) can become an advantage when fighting opponents of equal strength;
  • Boxing style – Outfighter, infighter, slugger, puncher, counterpuncher (some fighters find it more difficult to compete against opponents with a certain style). Estimate the chance of a lucky punch and simulate the course of the fight before placing a bet;
  • Location of the fight – Very often the judges prefer the “owner” of the ring (despite the best results of the opponent). Especially if the opponent is obviously weaker;
  • Motivation of fighters – Unmotivated athletes can lose even to significantly weaker opponents. Here you need to understand at what stage of a career a fighter is and what prospects he has in general. He can fight purely for the sake of a check, and not for the sake of winning.
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Effective Boxing Betting Strategies

Boxing betting from professionals implies not only a complete sports analysis but also the use of various strategies. Here are the most effective betting strategies for boxing matches:

Catching up on a knockout

This boxing betting strategy involves betting on the knockout of a clear favorite in a fight. The coefficient on the favorite is no more than 1.20, and the percentage of career wins by knockout is at least 80%. It is recommended to start betting from the second or third round, as the first often goes to grinding.

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The essence of the arbitrage strategy is to bet on opposite outcomes in two different bookmakers and guaranteed profit regardless of the result. To do this, you need to find inflated quotes on P1 and P2 (or other opposite markets) from two bookmakers, which can be helped by an arb scanner. This tactic of betting on boxing requires caution because bookmakers penalize players for arbitrage situations.

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