Naag Beran & Taarsar Marsar: Beautiful & breathtaking places in Kashmir’s Tral

Naag Beran & Taarsar Marsar are the most beautiful places in Tral area of south Kashmir. But unfortunately the government has never even tried to bring the places on tourist map or construct a proper road to the places.

Naag Beran & Taarsar Marsar

It is situated only 50 kilometers away from Tral town. The road connectivity is upto ‘Preuwan Gaam’ (meaning old village). The rest of distance can be crossed by foot to reach the breathtaking place.

Naag Beran & Taarsar Marsar

The place is covered by most beautiful forests, streams and untouched lakes. One can see scores of shepherds and herds there. If connected with roads or brought on tourist map, the places could help in boosting the tourism industry in Kashmir.

Showkat Dar

Showkat is a reporter for South Kashmir at The Daily Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Uzma & Shaherbeen (شہر بین) – Radio Kashmir


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