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Online casinos are growing in popularity, while digital tech and cyber security are now at a level where you can enjoy a rich virtual experience, with Broadband Internet connectivity. You no longer have to dress up if you want that casino experience and if you are looking to register with an online casino, here are a few tips.

  1. Create a separate bank account: When registering with any online casino, you have to link a bank account to your casino account; we recommend creating a new account specifically for this purpose. It is easier to keep track of your money.
  2. Take your time when looking for a casino: There are many online casinos and some are better than others. Spend time on their website reading all the content, then you can use Google to find casino reviews that are independent and unbiased.
  3. Welcome gifts: Online casinos are all trying to attract new players and they will offer amazing gifts like free spins on the online slot machines and free bets on the roulette wheel. Once you have determined the casino is legit, compare their comps to other online casinos, that way you will get the most out of the registration.
  4. Cyber-security: Check that the casino website is secure (there should be a small padlock icon in the URL window on your browser). Any digital platform that has your financial details must be 100% secure.
  5. Know when to fold: Whether you’re playing the slots or trying your luck as red and black on the roulette table, you need to have the self-discipline to stop playing when lady luck isn’t with you. Gaming is full of ups and downs and when your stake money has gone, that is the time to log out, the casino will always be ready to welcome you next time and maybe good fortune will be with you.
  6. Keep records: Create an Excel spreadsheet and log all sessions; this data can later be analyzed and that can help you to predict outcomes. Look for patterns and there is software that can help with the analytics. Focus on overall figures, then you know how you are doing in the big picture.
  7. Jackpot hunters: If you are only interested in slot jackpots, there are some mega payouts and these are the machines with the 6-figure jackpots that are connected to other slots. Someone has to get the jackpot and the more you play a specific slot, the more chance of being that lucky punter.
  8. Limit your playing time: Times, when you have nothing to do, are ideal for a few hands of blackjack or a few spins on the slots, yet we should set ourselves a time limit. If we reach the point where our allotted stake has disappeared, then it is time to call it a day.
  9. Know the game: This goes without saying; if you are not familiar with baccarat, for example, you need to play with others in a social setting in order to fully understand the game.
  10. Don’t chase your losses: Doubling down is the quickest way to debt.
Fairplay Club: Online Gaming Platform Redefining Casino Experience in India

We hope that your gaming is exciting and that you come out with more than you went in with.

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