How to earn Paytm wallet cash worth ₹100


Here we are again to help you earn some Paytm cash. Before we explain the process, please read the following conditions:

i. You can earn Rs.10 per referral upto a maximum amount of Rs.100.
ii. The reward of your referral will be added to your Paytm wallet automatically without any kind of redemption procedure.
iii. Use the phone number in your Rail Yatri App which is registered to your Paytm account.

I. An Android device.
II. Rail Yatri App.
III. Paytm Account.

I. Download Rail Yatri application by clicking the Download button below:

II. Install it in your device.

III. It will ask you for invite code. Put this invite code: xlgaxf in it and click on reward now.

IV. Then it will ask for your number and name.

V. Click on Verify number button.

VI. Then it will ask you to give a Missed Call to a number (tollfree number) to verify your Rail Yatri account number.

VII. After successful verification, go to top right corner of the application and click on a button.

VIII. It will prompt out many options.

IX. Go to Refer & Reward option.

X. Then go to Rewards tab and put this invite code: xlgaxf and click on reward button.

XI. Now it will give you your invite code by referring which you can earn reward.

XII. Ask your friends to download the App using your invite code so that you can get rewards.


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