Model Paper for General English (Paper A) of BG 3rd Year


1. Reference to the context:

(i) Poems:

Indian Woman,

Next Please,

The Trees Are Down,

Blackberry Picking

(ii) Essays:

My Duty To My Neighbour,

The Politics Of The Failure,

The Ladies_______Experts

2. Write about the theme of insatiability in the poem Blackberry Picking.

3. How does Shiv Kumar depict the image of rural Indian particularly the picture of Indian women?

4. Write down critical appreciation of the poem Next Please.

5. Essay type question from the poem The Trees Are Down.

6. Essay type question on Plato / Rousseau.

7. Explain the concept of existentialism given by Nietzsche.

8. Discuss “Animal Farm” as a political satire.

9. What is the writer’s role in depicting the true picture of society in the essay The Ladies______Experts?

10. Essay type question from “My Duties To My Neighbour”.

11. Essay type question from “The Politics Of The Failure”.

12. Bring out the humour in “Animal Farm”.

13. Character sketch of Snowball, Nepolean, Boxer or Jones.

14. All the animals are equal but some animals are more equal. Discuss.

15. Explain “Animal Farm” as a fable or allegory.

16. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Explain.

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