Model Paper for Organic Chemistry of BG 3rd Year

Model Papers

The following are some of the important questions that you may face in this year’s BG 3rd Year Organic Chemistry paper:

  • Beer-Lambert’s Law
  • Hooks’ Law
  • Principle of NMR
  • Shielding and Deshielding
  • Equivalent and Non-equivalent Protons
  • NMR of Ethanol
  • Cyclisation of Monosaccharides
  • Formation of Osazones and Glycosides
  • Chain Shortening and Lengthening of Aldoses
  • Methods of Formation of Alpha Amino Acids, Terpenoids, Acid-base
  • Behaviour and Isoelectric Points of Amino Acids
  • Classification of Dyes
  • Synthesis of Phenopthalein, Alizarin and Indigo Dyes

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