CBSE NET Reference Books & Study Material

Want to know which books to refer to for CBSE NET exam for JRF and Lecturership? Here we present a list of CBSE NET exam guidebooks, references and study materials.

CBSE NET exam is one of the challenging competitive examinations which is very tough to clear. We have provided a list of some of the most popular and authentic UGC CBSE NET exam books by well-known authors and publishing houses. These UGC CBSE NET exam study materials and reference books listed here are read and suggested by the toppers and aspirants of UGC CBSE NET.

If you know any other preparation material for UGC CBSE NET exam which has not been listed in this post, you are welcome to post the information about those books and guides in a comment below.

In CBSE NET exam Paper 1 for JRF and Lectureship, you will get questions from the following topics:

Teaching Aptitude
Research Aptitude
Reading Comprehension
Logical Reasoning
Data Interpretation
Information and Communication Technology
People and Environment
Higher Education System

The following list of CBSE NET exam Paper I books have all the above-mentioned topics along with General Information, Syllabus and Sample Questions. Also, you will find the Previous Year’s Paper and Model Papers of UGC NET exam.

►Book Name: UGC NET/SET Lectureship Exam (Paper-1 Compulsory) 3 Edition
►Author: GKP
►Publisher: G K Publications
►Price: Rs. 325 (Free Delivery) 

UGC-NET/JRF/SET Teaching And Research Aptitude (General Paper - I) (English) 1st Edition

►Book Name: UGC-NET/JRF/SET Teaching And Research Aptitude (General Paper – I) 1st Edition
►Author: Dr Lal, Jain & Dr K C Vahistha
►Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
►Price: Rs. 284 (Free Delivery)

UGC NET / JRF / SLET General Paper 1 : Teaching and Research Aptitude (English) 4th Edition

►Book Name: UGC NET / JRF / SLET General Paper 1: Teaching and Research Aptitude 4th Edition
►Author: Arihant Experts
►Publisher: Arihant
►Price: Rs. 315 (Free Delivery)

UGC NET/JRF/SLET General Paper-1 Teaching & Research Aptitude (English) 6th Edition

►Book Name: UGC NET/JRF/SLET General Paper-1 Teaching & Research Aptitude 6th Edition
►Author: Experts Compilation
►Publisher: Arihant
►Price: Rs. 335 (Free Delivery)

The List of Subject-wise Recommended books is given below. The list will be updated every day, subject-wise. So, bookmark this page and keep visiting!

Economics For UGC-NET/SLET and other Competitive Examinations Objective Type Questions 3rd Edition

►Book Name: Economics For UGC-NET/SLET and other Competitive Examinations Objective Type Questions 3rd Edition
►Author: K. R. Gupta
►Publisher: Atlantic
►Price: Rs. 565 (Free Delivery)

CBSE-UGC-NET Economics Guide (Paper II & III) (English) 1 Edition

►Book Name: CBSE-UGC-NET Economics Guide (Paper II & III) 1 Edition
►Author: Sanjay Kumar
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House
►Price: Rs. 510 (Free Delivery)

Political Science
UGC NET / SET (JRF & LS) Political Science Paper 2 & 3 (English) 1st Edition

►Book Name: UGC NET / SET (JRF & LS) Political Science Paper 2 & 3 1st Edition
►Author: Rukmini Bhattacharjee
►Publisher: Arihant Publications
►Price: Rs. 650 (Free Delivery)

UGC NET / SLET Political Science (Paper - 2 & 3) (English) 1 Edition

►Book Name: UGC NET / SLET Political Science (Paper – 2 & 3) 1 Edition
►Author: CBH Editorial Board
►Publisher: Cosmos Bookhive
►Price: Rs. 795 (Free Delivery)


►Book Name: UGC NET / SLET Philosophy
►Author: A.M. Tripathy

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET Paper II Philosophy
►Publisher: Cosmos Bookhive


►Book Name: UGC NET/JRF/SLET Psychology Paper II
►Author: Abraham
►Publisher: Upkar

►Book Name: Modern UGC NET/SLET Psychology
►Author: Team of Experts
►Publisher: Anmol Publisher


►Book Name: Modern UGC NET/SLET Sociology
►Author: Team of Experts
►Publisher: Anmol Publisher

►Book Name: Popular Master Guide UGC NET SET Sociology
►Author: R. Gupta
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House


►Book Name: Popular Master Guide UGC NET/SET History Paper II & III
►Author: Sanjay Kumar, D.S. Tiwari
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

►Book Name: UGC NET History Previous Year’s Papers (Solved)
►Author: R. Gupta
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House


►Book Name: UGC NET / SET Anthropology
►Author: A. M. Tripathi
►Publisher: Danika / Trueman

►Book Name: Modern UGC NET/SLET Anthropology
►Author: Team of Experts


►Book Name: Popular Master Guide UGC NET /SET Commerce Paper II & III
►Author: R. Gupta
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

►Book Name: Upkar’s UGC NET / JRF / SET Commerce (Paper II)
►Author: Koli
►Publisher: Upkar


►Book Name: Trueman’s Specific Series UGC NET / SLET Education
►Author: Gagan Manocha
►Publisher: Trueman

►Book Name: Ramesh UGC-NET Education Guide (Paper II & III)
►Author: R. Gupta
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

Home Science

►Book Name: Home Science UGC NET / SLET Paper II
►Author: Navneeta Kaur Sokhi
►Publisher: Cosmos Bookhive

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET Home Science Paper II
►Author: Rao Skr

Public Administration

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET Paper-II Public Administration
►Publisher: Cosmos Bookhive

►Book Name: Cosmos Bookhives UGC NET / SLET Public Administration
►Author: Dr. B. K. Sawalashwa
►Publisher: Cosmos Bookhive


►Book Name: UGC NET Music Exam Guide
►Author: Dr. Gunjan Saxena
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House


►Book Name: Human Resource Management UGC JRF-SLET-NET
►Author: Gurpreet Randhawa

►Book Name: UGC NET Management Previous Years Papers (Solved)
►Author: R. Gupta
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

►Book Name: UGC NET / SET Management Guide (Paper II & III) Exam Guide
►Author: P N Singh

Physical Education

►Book Name: UGC NET Digest on Paper II Physical Education
►Author: Dr. M.L. Kamlesh

►Book Name: UGC NET/JRF/SET Physical Education (Paper II & Paper III)
►Author: Dr. Shyam Anand


►Book Name: UGC NET / SLET Law
►Author: Pankaj Jaiswal

►Book Name: Law UGC NET / SLET
►Author: Sawlashwa Bk

Library and Information Science

►Book Name: Library and Information Science UGC JRF-SLET-NET
►Author: T Saravanan

►Book Name: UGC NET Library & Information Science: Previous Years Papers (Solved)
►Author: Ramesh Publishing House

English Literature

►Book Name: Objective Type Questions On Literature In English For UGC’s NET
►Author: Bhim S. Dahiya
►Publisher: CEE BEE Publisher

►Book Name: UGC NET/JRF/SLET English: Paper II And III
►Author: Dr. B. B. Jain

►Book Name: UGC NET/SET English Literature Guide (Paper II & III)
►Author: H S Bhatia

►Book Name: UGC NET English: A Critical Handbook Of Literature In English
►Author: Shubhamoy Das
►Publisher: Jawahar Publishers & Distributors

►Book Name: A Complete History of English Literature
►Author: Moody & Lovett

►Book Name: A Palgrave History of English Literature
►Author: Michael Alexander

►Book Name: An Oxford History of English Literature
►Author: Andrew Sanders

►Book Name: Contemporary Critical Theory
►Author: Patricia Waugh

►Book Name: Beginning Theory
►Author: Peter Barry

►Book Name: A Glossary of Literary Terms
►Author: M.H. Abrams

►Book Name: English Literature UGC NET/JRF/SET
►Publisher: Trueman

►Book Name: A History of English Literature
►Author: Hudson

Computer Science and Applications

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET Computer Science and Applications
►Publisher: G. K. Publications Pvt. Ltd

►Book Name: UGC-CSIR NET (JRF & LS)Computer Science & Applications
►Author: Kailash Chandra Gurunani Surbhi Sharma
►Publisher: Arihant Publications

►Book Name: Modern UGC NET/SLET: Computer Science
►Author: A Team Of Experts
►Publisher: Anmol Publisher

►Book Name: UGC NET/SET Computer Science & Applications Exam Guide (Paper II & III)
►Author: R. Gupta’s
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

►Book Name: UGC NET/JRF/SET Computer Science and Applications (Paper – II & III)
►Publisher: Upkar Prakashan

►Book Name: Computer Science UGC NET/SLET Paper 2 by Sawtantar Singh
►Publisher: Cosmos Bookhive Pvt Ltd

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET Made Simple Computer Science
►Author: Anirban Das
►Publisher: Jawahar Publishers & Distributors

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET Computer Science
►Author: Sr. Khan
►Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET: Computer Science (Set Of 2 Vols)
►Publisher: University Book House

Mass Communication and Journalism

►Book Name: Mass Communication in India 4th Edition
►Author: Keval J. Kumar
►Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

►Book Name: Mass Communication Principles and Concepts 1st Edition
►Author: Seema Hasan
►Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

►Book Name: Journalism Today
►Author: Jane L. Chapman & Nick Nuttall
►Publisher: Wiley

►Book Name: Journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why And How
►Author: James Glen Stovall
►Publisher: Prentice-Hall

►Book Name: Modern Ugc Net/Slet Mass Communication 01 Edition
►Author: Team of Experts
►Publisher: CBS Publishers

►Book Name: Mass Communication and Journalism for UGC-NET/SLET: Objective Type Questions
►Author: K.R. Gupta, D.S. Paul
►Publisher: Atlantic

►Book Name: UGC-NET/SET Mass Communication and Journalism Guide (Paper 2 and 3) 1st Edition
►Author: Arvind Mohan Dwivedi
►Publisher: R.Gupta’s (Ramesh Publishing House)

Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management

►Book Name: Human Resource Management UGC-NET 2nd Edition
►Author: Gurpreet Randhawa
►Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation

►Book Name: Personnel Management
►Author: R. Jayaprakash Reddy.
►Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation

►Book Name: Personnel Management And Labour Welfare
►Author: Ravi Chaddha
►Publisher: Sumit Enterprises

►Publisher: Neel Kamal publications

►Book Name: UGC NET (JRF & LS) Human Resource Management
►Author: Jyoti Sardana
►Publisher: Arihant


►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET Hindi Shahitya (Literature)
►Author: Harish Chandra
►Publisher: Cosmos Bookhive

►  Book Name: UGC NET/SET Hindi
►Publisher: R. Gupta’s

►Book Name: UGC NET (Hindi Literature)
►Publisher: Trueman’s

Electronic Science

►Book Name: UGC NET/SLET: Electronic Science
►Author: A Team of Experts
►Publisher: Anmol Publications

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