From selfie to wifey: Ahmed Shehzad ties the knot

    Lahore: Pakistan cricket team opener Ahmed Shehzad tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in Lahore on Saturday.

    Among many other cricketers, T20 captain and Shehzad’s good friend Shahid Afridi  graced the occasion by accompanying the groom.
    Shehzad donned a golden sherwani, while Afridi was spotted wearing a black sherwani — both looking equally dapper as they arrived at the venue.
    The selfie champ couldn’t refrain from posing this time as well. Afridi took to Twitter to congratulate Shehzad with an exclusive selfie. He wrote: “Selfie boy welcome to real pavilion”.
    Earlier, designer Faraz Manan announced on Twitter he was excited to dress up the groom and his bride for their big day.
    The cricketer also expressed his gratitude, saying: “Thanx m8 for looking after us:) certainly u r marvellous in ur work with a wise head on ur shoulders.. Bigup”.
    The bride wore heavily-embellished bright pink and orange ensemble with a traditional red veil.


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