District Hospital Pulwama faces demands for MRI scan facility

Public seeks convenient access to essential diagnostic services

District Hospital Pulwama
District Hospital Pulwama

PULWAMA — The absence of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan facility at the Government District Hospital in Pulwama has sparked growing demand from the local community, causing inconvenience and financial burden for residents in need of this vital diagnostic service.

Shabir Ahmad, a resident of Pulwama, voiced his concerns, stating, “We face considerable hardships as we are forced to travel over 25 kilometres to Srinagar city for an MRI scan. If this facility was available in our own hospital, it would save us both time and money.”

“I have to spend Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 for an MRI test at a private lab, whereas I could have gotten it done for as low as Rs 1500 at a government hospital,” Mushtaq Bhat, a resident of Marheng village in Shopian district, expressed his frustration. He emphasized the challenges of travelling with a patient and finding a suitable lab, stressing that having an MRI set up at District Hospital Pulwama would greatly ease the process.

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Pertinently, District Hospital Pulwama serves as a healthcare facility for both Pulwama and Shopian districts, making the absence of an MRI scan facility all the more concerning.

Shedding light on the dearth of MRI scan facilities in district hospitals, the Medical Superintendent of the Government District Hospital in Pulwama disclosed that presently, only a handful of government health institutions in Srinagar offer this crucial diagnostic service.

Addressing the issue, the Medical Superintendent highlighted the absence of MRI facilities in district hospitals, stating, “However, the government consistently introduces new upgradation projects in healthcare, such as the phased implementation of dialysis services in district hospitals. Government policies, particularly in the health sector, are sensitive to the genuine demands of the people.”

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The Medical Superintendent emphasized the government’s commitment to meeting the healthcare needs of the public. “The introduction of vital services is carried out in a phased manner, ensuring an effective and sustainable approach to healthcare enhancement.”

It is in place to mention here that none of the district hospitals in south Kashmir currently possess an MRI facility. Even though, the geographical significance of District Hospital Pulwama calls for the addition of such a scan facility to meet the diagnostic needs of the area.

Local residents, along with officials, urge the government to address the pressing need for an MRI scan facility at District Hospital Pulwama. The establishment of such a facility would alleviate the financial burden on residents and provide convenient access to essential diagnostic services closer to home.

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