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SRINAGAR — Citing Civil Service Conduct Rules, Jammu and Kashmir Government today warned doctors to refrain from doing private practice during duty hours and other malpractices.

According to an order, as per the news agency KNS, all HoDs and DDOs have been directed not to allow any doctor to indulge in such activities, which results in loss of government exchequer and weakening of the public services.

“It has been observed that certain doctors borne on the establishment of Health and Medical Education Department are indulging into private practices during official hours as well as while they are on duty rosters in the government health institutions. This is in violation of Civil Services Conduct Rules as well as various guidelines issued from time to time and also goes against the ethics of public service for which the doctors have been appointed by the government,” reads the order.

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It reads that it has also come to notice that certain doctors are recommending medical intervention in their private clinics instead of attending the same in the government health institutions where they are posted.

“This results in loss of public exchequer under Ayushman Bharat/SEHAT scheme and hence tantamounts to an offence under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. This is also to be construed as misconduct and violation of Civil Services Conduct Rules,” it added.

It reads that it has further come to the notice of the government that many doctors are indulging in private practice in other cities and towns which implies that they are not available at their places of posting in case any emergency arises. “The doctors who are skipping their duties and indulging in private practices in other places are also being viewed very seriously.”

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The order added that it is, accordingly, impressed upon all HoDs and DDOs not to allow any doctor borne on the establishment of the Health and Medical Education Department to indulge in these malpractices, resulting in loss of government exchequer and weakening of public services.

“Strict vigilance shall be kept and such cases will be recommended for strict action by the regulatory authorities. These instructions shall also apply to para-medical staff who are found indulging in the same practices. A monthly report in this regard will be furnished by all HoDs,” it reads.

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