Kerala village to give prizes for staying at home

Grafitti painted on a street in Guwahati to raise awareness about COVID-19
Grafitti painted on a street in Guwahati to raise awareness about Covid-19 (Photo Credits: PTI)

MALAPPURAM (KERALA) — When the lockdown norms came into effect last month, the Thazhekode Grama Panchayat in Malappuram district of Kerala decided to hold a contest to keep people indoors.

The panchayat decided to reward families who will not step out of their homes during the lockdown.

The first prize – half a sovereign of gold, second prize – a refrigerator, third prize – a washing machine and 50 complimentary prizes would be given when the lockdown ends.

A.K. Nasar, president of the grama panchayat said he felt that he needed to reward people who follow the guidelines.

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“This plan was decided on April 6 and the next day it became effective. There are around 10,000 families in our panchayat. We wanted people to remain safe and stay indoors and for that we decided to reward them. We have set up people to observe all those who venture out of their homes and the families of those who come out, will be ruled out,” said Nasar.

“By now the lockdown has been extended and now we will take a call on when the contest should end. Most probably, we feel this contest will end on May 3. This will be decided by our panchayat. Once the contest ends, we will ask for an affidavit from all those who come claiming that none in their family have ventured out. Coupons will be given to all such families and the winners will be selected through a lucky draw,” added Nasar.

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