Drawdown of Rashtriya Rifles from J-K on cards: Report

NEW DELHI — The Narendra Modi government is prepared to take a few more audacious actions for Jammu and Kashmir after repealing Article 370 provisions.

According to unnamed sources quoted by News18 in a news report, J&K will experience major structural changes in the deployment of security forces in the coming days, including the withdrawal of Rashtriya Rifles (RR) soldiers from some locations and the deployment of paramilitary forces.

The report also said that proposals with modifications have been made and presented for preliminary approvals that were reviewed in a recent meeting in the MHA. The final meeting between the ministries of Home Affairs and Defence and other stakeholders is still to take place.

The Rashtriya Rifles would be phased down over the course of more than six years. However, authorities anticipate that the drawdown will occur sooner than anticipated and that certain phases will be accomplished by next year. In the coming months, the RR will reduce its personnel strength significantly.

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The Rashtriya Rifles won’t be entirely gone from J&K; they’ll still have a strong presence in Jammu and Kashmir in the future.

Interestingly, the initial phase of the CRPF operation would likely be evident in the two Kashmir districts of Ganderbal and Budgam, which are under the jurisdiction of the Rashtriya Rifles for operations.

In a high-level meeting, it was resolved that the proposed drawdown would occur quickly in accordance with the circumstances and that the CRPF would get two districts for counterinsurgency operations. However, Rashtriya Rifles wants other forces to take over a few Nakas, ROPs, etc., first and that the district-level drawdown will thereafter take place.

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On the other side, the report claims that Rashtriya Rifles prefers for other forces to take over a few Nakas, ROPs, etc. first and that the district-level drawdown will depend on the circumstances. Prior to deploying soldiers in accordance with the plan, RR wants police forces to seize control of the roadways.

In addition, the Centre has chosen a roadmap that calls for giving some police units new tasks. The MHA will reportedly push for additional specialized counterinsurgency operation teams, like Valley QAT, and give them cutting-edge weaponry. This decision will impact how the deployment of forces in various zones.

The government will continue to concentrate its efforts in the Valley, where it is anticipated that the CRPF will receive a role upgrade and be the only force deployed in various parts of Jammu and Kashmir.


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