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JAMMU — In a move to tackle the persistent power shortage in government buildings, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has decided to make it mandatory for all its departments to install solar power panels.

This initiative as per the government sources has been taken to address the mounting expenditure on power dues incurred by various government departments.

The directive comes following a detailed communication issued by the Director of Planning in the Public Works Department to all government offices across the Union Territory. The communication outlines specific requirements, urging departments to provide essential details to facilitate the smooth implementation of the solar power initiative.

As per the news agency KNO, government offices are required to furnish information regarding the amount of available space without any shading, specify whether the office operates in a rented or government-owned building, and detail the monthly expenses incurred on power bills. This comprehensive data will aid in customizing solar solutions that align with the unique requirements of each department.

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A source within the government, speaking on the condition of anonymity, emphasized the urgency of such a measure. “The decision to make solar panels mandatory in government buildings is a proactive step towards reducing the burgeoning expenses on power bills. Many government offices, both in rented and owned buildings, consume a substantial amount of electricity. By harnessing solar power, not only will we contribute to a cleaner environment, but we will also significantly alleviate the financial burden on the state exchequer.”

The move is particularly timely considering the increasing demand for electricity and the associated costs incurred by government departments. Solar panels not only offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative but also provide a long-term solution to the perennial issue of power paucity.

A government official involved in the decision-making process commented, “The decision to mandate solar panels in government buildings is a visionary move by the administration. By tapping into solar energy, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also fostering fiscal responsibility. The cumulative impact of this initiative will be felt not only in terms of cost savings but also in promoting cleaner and greener practices within government infrastructure.”

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“It is expected that this directive will pave the way for a substantial reduction in electricity bills for government offices, resulting in considerable savings for the state. The holistic approach to gathering specific information from each department reflects the government’s commitment to tailoring sustainable energy solutions to the unique needs of different government offices,” says a senior government official.

As the Union Territory gears up to embrace solar energy on a larger scale, this initiative marks a significant stride towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious government. With the potential to set an example for other regions, Jammu and Kashmir’s move towards solar power integration is a noteworthy step in the quest for a sustainable and cost-effective future.

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