“Akh Tei Akh Gayei Kahh” – Two Shopian youth prove the Kashmiri proverb

Cosa Nostra Cafe & Grill
Cosa Nostra Cafe & Grill

Two young and promising entrepreneurs, Irfan Zargar (26) and Mir Salman (22), went to serve something delicious and something new to the people of Shopian.

Hailing from district Shopian, where everyone stays busy with the Apple business throughout the season, these two blossoming entrepreneurs went for something different and started their very own venture rather than marking steps on the same track.

They did not start it by playing a video game while sitting on a chair. In fact, they brushed, observed and peeped out what is missing in their town. By and by, both became cognizant of the fact that fast food is missing there.

People of Shopian had miles to travel to get a bite of fast foodstuff. However, to serve the people of their town with quality and best fast food, these two entrepreneurs came up with the idea to start their fast-food venture which they named “Cosa Nostra Cafe and Grill”. Cosa Nostra, the cafeteria is located in the heart of the town near Bus Stand, Shopian.

Irfan has three brothers who come from different professional fields viz, Doctor, Engineer and a Contractor. He is the first person in his family who thought of starting his own business venture. “Doctors and Engineers serve the society to a better life and to better life we people serve better food,” said the duo.

“To start this kind of venture was not as easy as it seems. It is not everybody’s cup of tea. There was no one to guide us. We did it on our own,” the duo added.

They said that the reason behind starting this venture was not to earn huge bucks but to earn the affection and love of the people of our town and to provide them with something different.

Beyond quality food, they possess a Snooker Club where customers with fast food can take the benefit of games et cetera.

The idea they came up with needs a big heart and courage. The fact that most people from Shopian are not cognizant about the foodstuff like Momos, Shourma, Chowmin et cetera, it is a pugnacious and arduous task to put the label of such foodstuff in the minds of people of the said district.

They started the cafe on July 14 back in 2015 and both outcropped in the satisfactory and reputed cusp. Today, they are touching new heights and plan to take it higher.

They also said that they are going to start a book library so as to provide some useful and tempting reading stuff to the visitors visiting thereby.

Students with a poor financial background can avail of the benefit of renting books free of cost as there will be the availability of reputed Entrance Examination books as well. Where such facilities are provided to people, who will not wish to visit?

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