PULWAMA — Drug addiction can prove fatal sometimes. A drug addict can take his life if he doesn’t find drugs sometimes. Such an incident took place today in Trichal village of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district, where an alleged drug addict ended his life after he was unable to find drugs for himself in this pandemic.

The subject hung himself much to the shock of the people. He is survived by his two little kids. “He was a chronic drug addict and whole village knew about that. I was not expecting this from him. All were shocked in the village after the news spread,” said a local from Trichal village.

The locals said that drug addiction is a menace in the village. “There are dozens of villages in Pulwama where youth are addicted to drugs. These drug addicts resort to thefts and are sources of menace. They are more nuisance than an asset to this nation,” said a local of the southern district Pulwama.

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There are drug addicts and drug peddlers everywhere. Police arrest them but find very difficult to contain them.

A police official admitted that they face too many problems after arresting any drug addict. “Any drug addict after his arrest starts behaving in a strange way. These drug addicts are difficult to handle even in lock-ups. They sometimes start rubbing their bodies, hitting their forehead, slapping their cheeks, crying and demanding drugs for survival. A police officer is always afraid of allowing any drug addict to visit washroom. Committing suicide because of non-availability of drugs is not a big deal for a drug addict,” he said and added that a lot of care is being taken to handle drug addicts in lock-ups.

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Meanwhile, a delegation from Kaka Sarai area of Srinagar city alleged that a retired government employee and his driver are spreading the drug menace in Maidanpora, Tanga Adda area of Kak Sarai. They said that these people are supplying drugs to young boys during broad daylight and need to be arrested and contained.

The delegation said that a couple of cases already stand registered against the driver of the retired employee in drug related cases. They appealed police to look into the matter.

When contacted, a police officer assured action against these men, saying he will personally look into the matter and will ascertain the facts and claims made by the delegation.

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