COVID-19 Test Centre at TRC Srinagar: Where stench, filth reign

COVID-19 Test Centre at TRC Srinagar: Where stench, filth reign
A view of COVID-19 Test Centre at TRC Srinagar shows garbage littered everywhere | Photo: Hakeem Farshita

SRINAGAR — The COVID-19 testing centres in the Valley are gathering masses without following the standard operating procedure (SOP) which government is stressing upon.

In the main center, established at Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) in Srinagar, rapid testing is done everyday. Out of six cabins labelled for testing of coronavirus patients, only one can be seen functional and tests are done at one cabin only despite the availability of six cabins.

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The people coming there for their COVID-19 tests are mostly travellers from other States of India. They sit without any consideration for the precaution of social distancing and eat & throw trash everywhere. Ironically, they can be seen without masks, thus creating a disturbance for the people there.

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The filth, debris of disposable items scattered everywhere makes the center look more like a garbage dumping site. No one can be seen following social distancing, let alone people standing in queues. People in general are without face masks and no one from medical staff is even bothered to ask them to cover their faces. Even people are enthusiastic as if they have come for some kind of picnic.

“Even before doing tests or waiting for our test results, we get tense about the situation. They have thrown so much garbage and nobody is cleaning it. The SMC isn’t seen anywhere. If our tests come negative, we would definitely get ill or even become victims of coronavirus due to this filth here,” Humaira Nabi, a lady at the center said.

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Another person, Haseeb Zargar, said, “People are coughing and sneezing like anything, and even sitting together without social distancing which is a mandatory thing during this time. How can we trust that we are safe here?”

“We have more travellers here who are from outside J&K. They are carrying their luggages as well. They spit here and there after filling their mouth with Paan. This is very pathetic and makes the life more difficult here,” said Nayeema, a lady who had come for COVID-19 test.

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