Crisis looms as inclement weather delays paddy transplantation in Kashmir

SRINAGAR — The continuous inclement weather last month has led to a delay in the paddy transplantation process in Kashmir, even as after a few dry days, the agricultural activities have picked up. The farmers need to transplant paddy before June 21.

The farmers from different areas of the valley told the news agency KNO that the continuous wet weather delayed all agricultural work in Kashmir. They, however, expressed satisfaction over the dry days for the last few days due to which the agricultural works have picked up.

Mehrajuddin, a farmer from south Kashmir’s Pulwama district, said that they were usually transplanting paddy in the last week of May; however, intermittent rains last month impacted the growth of paddy nurseries. “The nurseries were sown before 40 days but they haven’t grown well and are still small in size. So, the transplantation process has got delayed,” he said.

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Another farmer from Kulgam said they were unable to carry out the tilling process due to wet weather. “No, we tilled land in the water. This is not done usually,” he said. “Dry land was usually being tilled and it was easy for farmers, but this year, the land was first irrigated and was already very wet due to continuous rains,” he added.

The farmers from other districts echoed similar concerns, saying the wet weather has delayed the transplantation process in almost the whole of the valley by around 15 to 20 days. “Now with dry weather for the last few days, we need to carry out this work before June 21 as after that, the transplantation doesn’t ripe on time,” they said.

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Meanwhile, the officials at the Agriculture Department said that the farmers who have sown nurseries before 30 days must go for paddy transplantation even if its height is small. “Keeping nurseries for a long time may impact the yield,” they said, adding that if dry weather continues, all farmers will complete transplantation before June 21.


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