Delhi Students Join Kin Of Kashmir’s Disappeared, Pledge Support

Srinagar: For the first time in the past two decades, students from outside the state joined the Association of the Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) in its monthly protests on Friday, demanding troop deduction and accountability from government forces.
“The pain and anguish of Kashmiri mothers and half-widows is indescribable,” the students from Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College said.
“We will use our pen and social networking to take their voice all across India, and try our utmost to apprise the masses of the facts about disappearances in Kashmir,” the students, many of them from the field of journalism, said.
Sabeeqa Abbas, who is studying the trauma of Kashmiri victims for her research paper, said that the truth about the disappearances and the situation in the valley was markedly different from what they had been told back home.
“The manner in which people have disappeared in Kashmir is alarming,” she said.
“I may not be able to do anything for the victims personally, but I can certainly carry their voice across the country,” she said.
“I had aspired for a career in the armed forces, but have been sharply disappointed in what I have seen in Kashmir. I have no desire to join the forces now,” she said.
“What has happened in Kashmir is an enormity,” her fellow student, Neha Lal, said.
“The forces can be seen everywhere and need to be reduced to restore normal life,” she said, adding that the troops should be made accountable.
“The APDP’s voice should be heard all across India, and we will use every means, including social networking, to do our bit to ensure this,” she said.


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