Environment in Khrew & Khonmoh deteriorating

Air Pollution
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SRINAGAR — The environment of Kashmir valley is degrading day by day due to the pollution emanating from the industries as well as vehicles.

Khrew and Khonmoh are witnessing high levels of pollution due to the Cement plants and other industries which has jeopardized the health of public in particular as well as environment in general. The said industries in Khrew and Khonmoh are releasing higher levels of toxic gases in the environment.

It is clearly the mandate of Pollution Control Board (PCB) to measure the rising pollution levels by these industries, but ironically PCB apparently does not bother about their job, exposing the people to alarming levels of pollution and jeopardizing their health and degrading the environment.

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When contacted, PCB Member Secretary, BM Sharma could not reply, which is on record and evaded the queries under one or another pretext and said it is the mandate of the State Environmental Impact Assessment Committee.

It is irony then how the Pollution Control Board issues NOCs to various industries which ought to have been based on the report, which would justify whether these industries are complying with the norms as prescribed under various Acts whether the norms are met which ought to have been checked by Pollution Control Board before issuing NOCs to various industries.

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It seems that the main mandate of the Pollution Control Board is being ignored and rendering the people at risk.

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