Facing neglect, Pampore’s Lalpora Lake in dilapidated condition

Lalpora Lake in Pampore
Lalpora Lake in Pampore

PULWAMA — Kashmir Valley is famous all over the world for its natural beauty and its beauty is enhanced by the Mughal gardens, icy mountains and water reservoirs. Among these reservoirs, Lalpora Lake is particularly noteworthy, especially for the local residents.

Rich in natural beauty, this lake is located in the middle of Saffron fields at a distance of only three kilometres from the town of Pampore. Among locals, this lake is known as ‘Lalpora Lake’ or ‘Chatlam’ Lake.

The lake is the largest and most attractive in south Kashmir and people feel very happy whenever they visit it. However, due to the inattention of the administration, the lake has not only lost its prestige, but its dilapidated condition has seemingly become its fate.

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According to locals, the water of this lake was used for drinking few years ago but now due to lack of seriousness on the part of the administration, the water has now become so polluted that there is a risk of outbreak of disease.

People of the area said that although many times there was talk of linking the lake with eco-tourism, but all those promises proved to be a mirage and nothing was done for the construction and development of the lake.

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Shabir Ahmad, a local, said, “Although many departments are busy taking advantage of the lake as their fiefdom, but when asked about the construction and development of the lake, they are just paper tigers.”

Locals said that the administration has now turned the lake into a wetland which makes it impossible to work on the beauty of the lake, consequently causing more damage.

“If the lake would have been linked with eco-tourism, it could have become a source of employment for the youth and a source of income for the administration,” a local, Abdul Shabaan, said.

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