Follow freedom struggle with vision, wisdom: Resistance leadership


Srinagar: Resistance leadership including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik on Sunday in a joint statement asked all political and militant organizations to follow freedom struggle with vision and wisdom.

Appealing to maintain unity, the leaders said that it is time to remain united and follow the cherished goal with spirit of persistence and unity among all concerned factions.

In a statement issued to a local news gathering agency, resistance leadership said that freedom movement is in its crucial stage, adding that ‘we need to be careful as our enemy can derive advantage from prevailing crises’.

Commenting over recent controversies, leadership said that in nineties the situation was more awful and complex. We paid a lot in terms of precious lives and kind, said the leadership.

“We were engaged in pity and non-serious matters and as such instead of following logic, we were swayed by our emotions. Disunity and differences proved disastrous in past”, said resistance leaders adding that ‘the enemy forces succeeded at various stages to sabotage our mission’.

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“We are following the freedom struggle and facing shrewd enemy”, said the leadership. While referring to India, the resistance leaders said, “authorities choked our voice and now is the time to remain cautious”.

“On one hand, they are hatching conspiracies and on the other, are employing all their repressive measures and military might to sabotage movement. However, all political and militant factions have decided to face all these and remain united. We won’t allow them to create rifts among resistance camp or divide leadership and nation”, they said.

“We succeeded to wave off the so-called terminology of hardliners and moderate, thus unified nation on one point program of freedom from forced occupation”, the leadership said.

While referring to India, the resistance leadership said that ‘our unity & united approach is a milestone and it is an achievement and thus they stand frustrated’.

“Character of a nation is examined in catastrophe and the biggest power we got & carried forward from 2016 agitation was our unity and poll boycott in recent parliamentary elections. All these steps depicted the best precedence of our unity. Unity among our folds is supreme and we need to uphold this spirit and carry forward this passion. We ought to remain cautious and let us not harm our struggle and desist from all such steps which may help these forces to play folly with freedom movement”, the leadership further added.

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“Political and militant leadership are fully aware about all odds. We won’t succumb to any pressure, however, history of unparalleled sacrifices has enabled us to stand against such grim situations”, the resistance camp maintained.

Addressing youth, the leadership said that ‘our youth need to learn much more from senior leadership & we all need to go hand in hand and work together to achieve our mission’.

“It is time to rethink and make out strategies and work them out unanimously that how to get freedom from the forcible clutches and occupation of India”, said the united leadership. (KNS)

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