Food Safety Department in Srinagar intensifies market checks

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SRINAGAR — The Food Safety Department in Srinagar has unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at bolstering consumer safety and quality standards of food products through intensified market checking operations across the region.

The initiative, announced on Sunday, seeks to curb the sale of adulterated and substandard food items, thereby safeguarding public health and maintaining the integrity of the food supply chain.

Officials underscored the department’s commitment to enforcing stringent food safety regulations, emphasizing the necessity of ramping up market inspections. Teams of officials will concentrate on local markets, conducting regular visits to ensure compliance with established safety and quality standards.

An official from the Food Safety Department highlighted the primary objective of verifying the quality of food products available to consumers, emphasizing scrutiny of labels for accurate information, checking expiration dates, and adherence to prescribed packaging norms.

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Addressing the prevalence of adulterated food items in the market, intensified market checks will target individuals or establishments involved in the sale of substandard or adulterated products. Concurrently, awareness campaigns will be launched to educate consumers about their rights, including the importance of scrutinizing product labels and reporting suspicious activities.

Special teams comprising food safety officers and inspectors will conduct surprise checks across various markets in Kashmir. These teams are empowered to inspect food establishments, seize non-compliant products, and initiate legal action against violators.

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The success of this initiative depends on collaborative efforts, as the Food Safety Department plans to collaborate with local authorities, market associations, and other stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of market-checking operations.

Violators of food safety norms will face stringent penalties, including fines, suspension of licenses, and legal repercussions as prescribed by the Food Safety and Standards Act. The public is urged to actively participate in maintaining food safety standards by promptly reporting instances of suspected adulteration or non-compliance to designated authorities.

Local residents have welcomed the intensified market-checking initiative, considering it a proactive step toward safeguarding public health and ensuring the availability of safe and quality food products.

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