Groom arrives ten days late to pick bride in Varmul

Varmul: While the floods in the state devastated life and property, it also washed away an anxious bride’s dream in Varmul town on 7th September. The traditional wedding turned into a ten-day-long wait for her groom who couldn’t make his way from the flood-affected Karanagar area of Srinagar after the nikkah.
In the congested locality of the old town, Ameena’s (name changed) household abuzz with typical wedding activities. Her home was full of guests and was decorated to the hilt to welcome the groom’s family. The scene soon turned tragic, as the groom was unable to arrive at the location with the baraat (wedding party).
“We were preparing for the groom and his guests but late afternoon we got a message that the groom couldn’t come as water had submerged the city and all other road links connecting Srinagar to Varmul”, said Wahid, Ameena’s cousin brother.
“The floods shattered my dream of a perfect wedding. I wish this doesn’t happen to anyone else. There was no communication so each passing day felt like doomsday. Finally, after ten days I saw my groom and I couldn’t believe it,” said Ameena with eyes full of tears.
Another relative said that despite flash floods and heavy rains, the initial wedding ceremony went on, Kashmir Dispatch reported. “After having lunch I went home to dress up as the groom was expected to arrive late afternoon. I was scanning social networking sites and monitoring Jehlum’s water levels to update myself. When I reached Ameena’s house, I was shocked to see the chaos as her family had received a message that Srinagar was flooded and the groom won’t be able to make it,’ explained Nadeem Ahmed.
“The bride was ready and dressed up but the floods washed away the happiest moments of her life. The festivity in the locality turned into a mess in a jiffy,” he added.
After a heartbreaking wait of ten days, the groom arrived in a four-wheel drive instead of a luxury car, wearing a simple outfit to take the bride to Srinagar.

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