Heart Wrenching! Child breaks down while receiving school bag from “Mashek”


Kulgam: Aaftab (name changed) a young boy, barely 12 years old broke down in tears when he received a new school bag, full of notebooks and stationery, from an NGO – Mashek. A picture of this incident has gone viral on social media.

Aaftab, student of Government School Kounserbal, D.H Pora, had learned that a non-governmental organisation “MASHEK” will be distributing free study material to students at his school.

Since early morning, he was eagerly waiting for the NGO team. The moment they entered the school premises, Aaftab along with other children came running towards them, asking hesitantly, “Will you give us new school bags?”.

He could barely believe his eyes holding a new school bag, containing notebooks and other stationery goods. Suddenly, he went away from the gathering and broke down, holding his new bag close to his heart with tears rolling down his red cheeks.

“It was really a heart-breaking moment to see Aaftab in tears,” recalls Shah Mehraj who took the picture.

Ovais Karni, Chairman of Mashek Initiative said, “Every child has a story, full of dreams and struggle, and witnessing his passion for education was highly motivational for our team and has encouraged us to put in more efforts.”

“There are thousands of children like Aaftab, who want to study but due to extreme poverty, are forced into Child Labour,” added Karni. “I urge the people to donate to this cause and help us reach every child and make their dreams come true.”

Mashek’s tagline is “Write your own dreams” and the mission statement is to empower the destitute children with education in far flung areas where formal education is still a privilege, due to extreme poverty and absence of administrative facilities.


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