Increasing stray dogs poses risk to locals in Pulwama

Over 1500 dog bitten persons treated at DH Pulwama in year 2020: MSD

Locals in Pulwama resent garbage dumping along circular road
Locals in Pulwama resent garbage dumping along circular road as dogs are seen on prowl.

PULWAMA — The increasing canine population in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district is posing a great risk to the lives of common people.

With the phenomenal increase in the dog population and an apparent lack of initiative by the administration in tackling the issue, people across the district are facing threat with daily reports of dog bites.

Locals said that the population of stray dogs in Pulwama has increased into threatening numbers due to which cases of dog bites are increasing in the district with each passing day.

Locals said that the increasing number of dogs is making it difficult for them to walk through orchards and roads.

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“The population of dogs in the district is increasing due to poor disposal of waste by the locals and poor management of the waste by the administration,” they said, adding, “The Municipal Committee in Pulwama is hardly bothered to take cognizance of the issue.”

Locals appealed administration that in addition to sterilization, the number of dogs can be checked if Municipal agencies will use modern waste disposal methods as the availability of food are also increasing the dog population.

Medical Superintendent, District Hospital Pulwama, Dr Jameel said the number of stray dog bites is increasing every year.

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He said that in the year 2019, 930 persons with dog bites were treated and given anti-rabies at the hospital. “However, last year, despite lockdown, around 1500 people with dog bites were treated at District Hospital Pulwama,” Jameel said.

Executive Officer, Municipal Committee Pulwama, Muhammad Iqbal, said that they did not have any mechanism to reduce the population of dogs, but appealed the people to avoid littering and throwing waste items along the roads.

Pertinently, a minor child was killed in a recent attack by stray dogs in Pinglena Pulwama.

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