KBPS inaugurates BPS, BPO, KPO services in Budgam

Focus is to boost employment and professional personalities within the Valley


Budgam: KBPS on Wednesday commenced their operations officially after an inaugural session was held at their office.

Speaking during the inaugural session, Haider Ali, CEO and founder KBPS said, “KBPS is an idealistic company for most of our existence. We focused on all of the good that connecting people in a team can do and now KBPS is ready to grow by throwing open our operations like data mining, data processing, digitalization, data collection and voice customer support to BPO, BPS, KPO sectors of the corporate world and for building communities, businesses and professional personalities.”

Adding further, Ali said that Kashmir has got brilliant talent and techy people but not well connected to the IT and digital world that KBPS has the main aim and focus on to connect the people together and show various ways to success.

“We didn’t find many challenges to build KBPS, but yes it is very important to highlight the time duration taken by the government departments. They work with a very slow speed and don’t bother about the time of others. It took 20 days to get the basic documentation done which could have been done in 2 days time,” he further said.

KBPS started with 11 employees, a president and a CEO on-board and ‘is looking forward to take a broad enough view of its responsibilities’.

“We started KBPS, we ran it and we are responsible for what happens here and hopefully KBPS may bring changes and work for growth and development of the society and now we have to go throw with all our relationship with people and we are ready, set to go for the business operations,” Ali said.


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