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GULMARG — In the wake of another avalanche striking the health resort of Gulmarg, a group of local skiers displayed remarkable courage and cooperation, rescuing numerous individuals caught in the disaster and preventing potential tragedy.

An official was quoted by a local news agency as having revealed that two avalanches occurred at Affarwat in Gulmarg, instigating panic among the residents and visitors. The swift and selfless actions of local skiers, leveraging their intimate knowledge of the terrain and expertise in rescue operations, played a pivotal role in responding to the crisis.

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Risking their own lives without hesitation, these local skiers successfully located and freed many individuals trapped beneath the snow, significantly reducing the potential for loss of life. Their heroic efforts proved instrumental in ensuring the safety of those affected by the avalanche.

A police officer, confirming the situation to the media, assured that all tourists are now accounted for and safe following the rescue operations.

This marks the third avalanche reported in the hills of Gulmarg within the past week, emphasizing the challenging conditions faced by the region and the crucial role played by local experts in mitigating the impact on residents and visitors alike.

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