Press Release: JKCCS report seized and impounded at Wagah border

Structures Of Violence – The Indian State In Jammu And Kashmir – A Report

On 18 October 2015, JKCCS researcher/lawyer Kartik Murukutla was detained on his return from Pakistan at the Wagah border by Indian Customs and intelligence officials, interrogated, and the report “Structures of Violence: The Indian State in Jammu and Kashmir” was seized and a fine of Rs.5000 imposed. The reason for the seizure was that the language in the report questioned the territorial integrity of India. The main objection to the report was stated to be a reference to Jammu and Kashmir as “Indian-Administered Kashmir”. This report was printed in New Delhi and was not seized when JKCCS researchers were travelling to Pakistan.
“Structures of Violence…” was released in Srinagar on 9 September 2015, presented before the UN bodies in Geneva in the same month, and re-launched in Islamabad, Pakistan on 17 October 2015. To date, despite being provided a copy of the report, there has been no response to the report whatsoever from Government of India or Jammu and Kashmir. The only response from the State has been the recent seizure of the report and intimidation at the border, a common experience for Kashmiris travelling across the Wagah border.
“Structures of Violence…” indicts the Indian State and its institutions for commission of crimes and absolute impunity in Jammu and Kashmir. The key demand of the report is for intervention of international justice mechanisms in Jammu and Kashmir as the Indian State has no will to provide justice in Jammu and Kashmir. The lack of a substantive response to the recent report further supports the demand for international intervention.

Khurram Parvez,

Programme Coordinator, JKCCS


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