Renowned broadcaster and poet Farooq Nazki dies at 83

Renowned broadcaster and poet Farooq Nazki
Renowned broadcaster and poet Farooq Nazki

SRINAGAR — A television media pioneer, renowned broadcaster, and Sahitya Academy-honored poet, Farooq Nazki, passed away at the age of 83. In the annals of Kashmiri and Urdu literature, a poignant chapter has drawn to a close.

Family sources confirmed his demise after he suffered a massive heart attack at the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Narayana Super Specialty Hospital in Katra on Tuesday. Nazki had been battling various health issues, including lung problems requiring dialysis.

Born on February 14, 1940, Nazki embarked on his illustrious journey in journalism in 1960, lending his voice to the labour-centric newspaper “Zamindar.” Farooq Nazki later became a prominent figure in broadcasting. He served as Director of Radio Kashmir Srinagar during a critical period in Kashmir’s history, followed by leadership roles at Doordarshan. Additionally, he provided media counsel to Dr Farooq Abdullah and briefly to his son, Omar Abdullah.

While serving as the Director of Doordarshan and All India Radio Srinagar, he wielded a profound influence in shaping the media and communication landscape of the region.

Beyond the realms of broadcasting, Nazki’s literary prowess illuminated the hearts and minds of countless admirers. His poetic expressions, particularly in the Kashmiri language, resonated with a rare authenticity, earning him the prestigious Sahitya Akademi award in 1995 in Kashmiri literature for his book of poetry, ‘Naar Hyutun Kanzal Wanas’ (Fire in the eyelashes).

His career was adorned with significant milestones, marked by unwavering dedication and unmatched talent.

Nazki’s funeral arrangements are underway, with his body being transported to Srinagar for burial at the family’s ancestral graveyard at Kathi Darwaza. According to family sources, his ‘Namaz-e-Janaza’ will be performed tomorrow at 10:30 am on the premises of the shrine of Syed Sahib (RA) Sonwar.

Survived by his son, a medical doctor, and two daughters, his wife is also in ill health but improving.

Veteran Journalist of Kashmir, Yusuf Jameel on his Facebook post, wrote, “Sad news! Farooq Nazki has left this mortal world. And he would always begin our conversation with ‘Putra’ (my son). Rest in eternal peace!”

Farooq Nazki’s departure leaves a void that can never be filled, yet his contributions will continue to inspire generations to come. His words will echo through the corridors of time, reminding us of the profound impact one individual can have on the tapestry of human existence.

Paying tributes, senior Journalist from Kashmir Muzamil Jaleel on his Facebook wrote, “We will always cherish the memories of his warmth and wisdom. Farooq Nazki was not just a poet or a broadcaster. He was a beacon of light in our community, illuminating the path with his words and deeds. His presence will be sorely missed, but his spirit will live on through the timeless beauty of his creations.”

In the realm of literature and broadcasting, Farooq Nazki’s name shall endure as a beacon of wisdom, compassion, and artistic excellence. Though he may have departed from this world, his spirit shall live on eternally through the immortal verses he gifted to humanity.

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