Young Wife ‘Abducted By Ikhwanis,’ Husband Alleges Police Threat

Srinagar: A Bandipur woman, allegedly abducted by government gunmen, is untraced even after eight months, her family saying that it was under pressure from the police to withdraw its case from the High Court.
The missing woman’s husband, Muhammad Shafi, says that two Ikhwanis caught and handed over to the police by the public during huge protests against the abduction last year had been released without authorities taking any action.
He says that Biba Jan, a mother of four, had been abducted because of her looks, and that villagers had reported seeing her being dragged to an army camp with her hands tied.
“The abductors are working for the army, and the police too is in league with them,” he says.
“In custody, the Ikhwanis, Aijaz Ahmad and Muhammad Ashraf, had said that my wife was somewhere in Sumlar,” he says.
“The uncle of another Ikhwani, Manzoor Ahmad of Kadoora, too has admitted that his nephew had committed a mistake, thus indicating the involvement of another member of the group,” he says.
According to Shafi, the station house officer of the Aragam police station where he had registered a case the very next day of the abduction, had even tried to kill him in an attack with the help of the accused.
“I was seriously injured in the attack, and had to be hospitalised in the SKIMS. On being released, the station house officer locked me up in the police station, pressurising me to withdraw my case from the court,” he says.
“In the high court, the police officer promises to recover my wife within one week, but outside he says that the judges would find her for me now,” he says.
According to Shafi, his wife had been abducted on September 8 last year while grazing cattle in the forests near their native Chatti Bnadi area.
He says that she had been accompanied by her two sons and two daughters.
“When she failed to return by evening, I went out in search, but found no trace of her, learning later that she had been abducted by Ikhwanis,” he says, adding that he registered a case with the Aragam police the very next day.


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