Save The Eyes Foundation

Srinagar: Save The Eyes Foundation organised its first ever international fund raising event in Malaysia for the pellet victims of Kashmir.

Students of Sultan Yussuf Secondary High School, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia organised the event under the initiative started by Save The Eyes Foundation, an organisation working to provide medical and financial assistance to the pellet victims of Kashmir.

“We stand in solidarity with Kashmir,” one of the students at the event said while asking for support to the newly formed organisation.

The students were holding placards supporting the organisation’s initiative. One such poster at the event read “We from Malaysia Stand by You.”

Located at Srinagar, the organisation started its projects in 2016 and has been involved in helping the victims to acquire treatment and medical facilities including arranging costs of surgeries for pellet victims with complete or partial blindness caused by the pellet injuries.

“So far the organisation has taken up some 20 cases of pellet victims. The trust is operated from Srinagar and has its volunteers across the valley,” reads a Press Release issued by the organisation.

Caroline Vimla, a humanitarian from Malaysia extended her support to the organisation ‘after reviewing the efforts of the organisation and use of technology as a medium to promote social and human causes.’

Peer Viqar Ul Aslam, Chairman of Save The Eyes Foundation said, “Our focus is on providing proper medical treatment to the victims and also to help them financially as most of the victims are from humble backgrounds.”

“We have met victims who had to stop their treatment as they could not bear the cost of the treatment. It was disheartening and prompted us to take the initiative,” he adds.

“We are ready to support this humanitarian mission and will do whatever is possible to make sure these victims get proper treatment,” Caroline Vimla said.


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