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SRINAGAR — Choosing a career is not a mere walk in the park because most young people find it challenging to choose a career path and stay true to it. A lot of fascinating possibilities beckons you. Photographer, engineer, writer of paper writing service, model, designer? When choosing a career, you have to consider factors that are not limited to passion and interest.

1. Assess Yourself

Defining who you are, what you’re good at, what gives you joy. These will help you choose careers that go well with your interests and skills. Mere career counseling won’t do. Below are some valid questions and evaluations to start with:

● What are those subjects you enjoy studying in or outside of school? Then, why? Could it be that you like the personalities teaching you those subjects? Or is there something about those subjects you can easily relate to these things or persons around you?

● What subjects do you top within the class, and what’s the secret behind it?

● Could you imagine yourself in a job where your top choice or taste occupies a larger part of what you love to do often or every day?

Useful self-assessment activities:

Take self-assessment tests, find out more about your personalities and strengths, weaknesses as all those can help you make career choices according to your interest, kind of person, and soft skills.

Do a SWOT analysis. All you will be needing is a book and a pen and an honest you to yourself; you do not need to panic about the outcome as no one gets to see it. SWOT means strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. This analysis will help you point out your strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats preventing you from reaching your goals.

Consider the five most important life and work skills you have and the ones you want to build on. Which comes easiest and first to you? Remember, you can’t be a sports coach if you have a low level of fitness. Once you’ve had, arrive at your skills and interest, and make a list of all the careers that match.

2. Build a List of Potential Careers

After that, you’ve assessed your strengths, skills, and interests; it helps to have at least five career choices that could be an excellent match for you. For instance, if you like the idea of being a sports coach, after doing your research about it, you discover the job description for an IT trainer, and it catches your attention. That gets you thinking maybe you should give it a chance.

3. Beat Down Your Career List

At this point, you need to beat down your list of careers (but not too much). Remember, there is more than one dream career available.

4. Think About Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

The next step is to consider your short and long-term goals; after that, you’re done with all the thinking to choose the best career for you. Create a document to list down all the steps needed to achieve your goal, say a grade or school project or exam, online research interviews, add do-by dates, and this alone is a big step to choosing a career and setting your dream progress. Remember, there’s more than one path to reaching your goals.

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