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Ask the right questions during a job interview to find out about the organizational culture and not only about their scores at the live dealer casino Canada. In fact, job satisfaction is strongly related to company culture. How to gauge it and what warning signs indicate a poisoned company culture, here’s a brief explanatory report.

An international study by the U.S. company Heidrick & Struggles surveyed large companies. Almost 82 percent of the CEOs stated that they had focused on corporate culture in recent years. As per them, this is increasingly an important success factor for the company.

According to the report, some companies are said to have recognized even before the pandemic that a good corporate culture provides a key competitive advantage. Reasons for focusing on culture, according to executives, included:

  • The company’s financial situation,
  • An increase in employee engagement,
  • And, promoting diversity and inclusion.

The upcoming challenges

Even when leaders strive to create a positively framed corporate culture, they don’t always succeed in practice. For employees, this is a reason to take a closer look – especially before committing to a job. For employees, the corporate culture as a unit determines their overall satisfaction with a new job, for example. After all, they spend a lot of precious lifetimes at work. As the Federal Statistical Office has found, Germans are working more and more. Depending on the industry and the job, it can be more than 40 hours a week.

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What significance does corporate culture have for employees?

That makes the environment in which you spend your time all the more significant. Company culture includes, among other things:

  • The company’s values and norms,
  • The mission statement,
  • The framework conditions (e.g. working hours, dress code, salary, promotion of health),
  • The behavior and the way of communicating with each other,
  • How mistakes are dealt with,
  • The feedback culture of the company,
  • The importance of work-life balance,
  • How superiors and teammates treat you,
  • And, the way leadership takes place and is exemplified.

As a first step, be clear about what your own wishes are regarding your new job. Values, norms, and communication style often play a significant role in the decision. If your needs do not match a potential employer’s interpretation of the company’s culture, there is little point in taking the job.

Ask the right questions during your job interview to find out about the organizational culture:

Tolerance of mistakes

Missteps on the job happen. However, it is often not the mistakes that matter, but how leaders and teams within the company handle them. A high level of fault tolerance speaks for a positive corporate culture.

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If there is a quick threat of punishment or if people prefer to keep quiet about how mistakes are handled during the job interview, mistakes may be less tolerated. The consequences for employees are fear of consequences and the feeling of being under pressure to deliver “perfectly”.

Recognition of the employees

Recognition and appreciation are decisive aspects when it comes to employee satisfaction – according to the results of a study by the Institute of the German Economy (IW). According to the study, the following are important:

  • Recognition in the form of praise
  • The opportunity to move up in the job
  • Financial reward

How have the work environment and the team developed in recent years?

Especially during the pandemic, the work environment, the issue of safety, and how to deal with flexible work schedules have come into focus. How the team handled and developed, as well as how it progressed, provides insight into how an employer handles crisis situations.

If there was room for innovation and employees were able to contribute their ideas, the company scores well in terms of organizational culture.

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