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Have you considered starting a new career or acquiring more knowledge? Discover the best online courses you can take for free today.

4 free digital courses to take

There are many open, free online courses available if you are the type of person who values lifelong learning. These days, it only takes a few mouse clicks to learn a wide variety of skills, all thanks to technological advancements.

This article will cover some of the best free online courses available to anyone who wants to acquire more skills. Every course featured is easy to follow and complete, just as it’s easy to learn how to pay by MobiKwik at your favorite casino.

4 free online courses to take in 2022

Unfortunately, choosing the most beneficial free online classes can be confusing. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best free online courses.

Introduction to Social Media Strategy by Skillshare

This course will teach you how to use social media to promote your business and achieve your goals. You’ll be shown how to use each type of social strategy, from finding your voice to investing in sponsored promotions. It’s a great resource for novice marketers who want an accessible overview or refresher.

Microsoft getting ready to take on Google's Android One head-on

Keep in mind that if you sign up for Skillshare as a member, you’ll have free access to this class for 14 days. This course only lasts about 30-60 minutes, meaning 14 days is enough time to acquire the necessary knowledge.

‘Design Your Dream Life’

Have you ever dreamt of having a perfect life but were too scared to actually do it? The tools you will gain from the ‘Design Your Dream Life’ course can help you realize your dream. You’ll learn the secrets to designing your ideal life and living it daily, using your failure and anxiety as a motivator.

Successful blogger Tom Kuegler teaches this course, and you’ll gain practices that set you apart from the masses. With these practices, you may take the necessary measures to make your aspirations a reality. Some of the tools you’ll be provided include downloadable templates, workbooks, and calendars.

Google’s digital marketing course

Google’s digital marketing course is the next online course on the list. If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing, this course is for you.

Google has developed a series of free digital marketing courses that are among the best available online. Their free online course allows you to start at the beginning of any module and complete the course or otherwise.

Google bans Blogger blogs serving Bidvertiser & RevenueHits Ads

A certificate is usually awarded to those who successfully finish the entire “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” program. Having a Google certification on your CV or LinkedIn profile is always a plus.

Google Ads by Google Skillshop

Google Ads by Google Skillshop is a good place to start if you’re unfamiliar with Google’s advertising options. Here, you can get familiar with the basics in bite-sized chunks or get right into the certification procedure. Some of the topics that will be covered include video ads, programmatic ads, search ads, and discovery ads. In addition, you can skip the courses if you already have expertise with Google Ads and instead use the exercises to practice.

This course can be taken by:

  • People with marketing experience who want to learn more about Google Ads or simply want to hone their skills.
  • Owners of businesses who are interested in learning Google Ads setup.


Choose one of the free online courses from our list that will teach you how to address a certain issue. Take charge of your education and learn more about the topics that interest you.

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