IUST requires Programmer & Assistant Programmer


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Dated: 13-11-2015

Availability of online application form: 14th November, 2015.

Last date for submission of Online/ Hard copy of Application form: 04th December, 2015

Online application forms are invited from permanent residents of Jammu & Kashmir State for the following posts.

I. Programmer


(Pay Band of Rs. 9300-34800 with Grade Pay Rs. 5400/-) Essential

B.Tech./ B.E. in information Technology/ Computer Science Engineering/ Electronics and Communication Engineering with at least 60% of marks from a recognized University.


MCA/ M.Sc. Information Technology with at least 55% marks from a recognized University


Two years experience / expertise in software development from a recognized organization.

II. Assistant Programmer


(Pay Band of Rs. 9300-34800 with Grade Pay Rs. 4200/-) Essential

B.Tech/ B.E. in information Technology/ Computer Science Engineering/ Electronics and Communication Engineering from a recognized University.


BCA/B.Sc. Information Technology with at least 60% of marks from a recognized University. Or

MCA/ M.Sc. Information Technology with at least 55% marks from a recognized University

Desirable: One years experience/ expertise in software Development in JAVA or Dot Net Environment.


1.Allowances shall be paid as per university rules.

2.Applicants should be within the age limit of 18-40 years as on 01-01-2015.

3.Candidates are required to apply online through University website www.iustlive.com. No other means/ mode of application will be accepted. The candidate has to pay fee of Rs. 800/- (Rupees eight hundred only) which can be deposited in any of the branches of Jammu and Kashmir Bank against the auto- generated pay-in-slip with the application form.

4.The in-service candidates should forward their application forms through their employer.

5.Hard copy of application form alongwith a Bank receipt of pay-in-slip (University Copy) complete in all respects duly supported by attested copies of certificates and testimonials should reach office of the Registrar by or before 04th December, 2015. Applications received after the expiry of the said date will not be entertained.

6.Candidates who are eligible for applying for more than one post are required to apply separately for each post.

7.Eligible candidates will be informed about the date and place of interview through intimation under certificate of posting/ speed post/ registered post/e-mail whichever suitable. However, University does not take any responsibility for non receipt or delayed receipt of the intimation by a candidate.

8.Candidates are advised to remain in contact with Registrar office/ website regarding date of interview.

9.The candidates will have to produce original documents relating to their qualification, experience etc. at the time of appearing in the interview.




10.The University reserves the right to defer filling up of any or all the posts advertised here-in above, without assigning any reason thereof.

11.The university reserves the right not to fill up all or any of the posts advertised herein above without assigning reason thereof.

12.The university reserves the right to increase/ decrease the number of posts advertised here-in-above.

13.The university reserves its right to place reasonable limit on the total number of candidates to be called for interview. Short listing of the applicants shall be made on the basis of merit/ screening test.

14.Candidates not fulfilling the requisite requirements prescribed here-in-above as on the last date of receipt of applications need not apply.

15.No TA/DA shall be paid to candidates for appearing in the interview/test.



No. IUST/Reg/Adv/15/8954-92

Dated: 13-11-2015



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