Heart - Pen - Notebook - Love - Poem

When you found me, I was still broken at the edges, plastering myself with love, with shaking hands, but I was healing. I never saw you coming but when you did, I felt as if we are just reuniting, you felt no stranger to me.

We have the same scars and we were hurt by the same kind of demons. It is for you, I made myself steady, gathered all my pieces, so I could love you in the way I want to be loved. To reassure you that you are safe here and I will keep you happy and loved, appreciated, and with care.

New Ways Arise

But I messed up with this one thing, I had no control on. It was this one big, ugly scar I was too ashamed to show you and you unknowingly were scraping my wounds, making them bleed again. And now when I have shown you the hell beneath this flesh, I hope you look at them, cringe if you want to, but I hope you stay, I hope you become the balm that finally cures all the wounds, which I couldn’t find earlier.

I hope you leap with faith now and you fall more in love with me. Because I am ready to dive with you into the deepest ocean. I promise to never let go of your hand. I hope we make out happily ever after. Because I have been through a lot of things to know that love is not enough sometimes. But the longing of a heart to stay with yours is all that we need at the end of the day.

Thirsty Days, Hungry Nights

I want to laugh with you but also ache together. Let us love each other with reality, with our flaws. Let me take care of you, even if I suck at it. Because I want to try this time. I want to try for the right person.

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