Aryans and their quenched conscience

By: Koshur Mazloom
Hitler has captured most of the land. The remnants of resistance have surrendered to Nazis. Most of the rebels have either been killed or captured alive. One of the rebels, Guruvski has been sent to a special designated prison in Berlin so that to showcase him as symbol souvenir of victory. All the Nazi propaganda machinery has started to churn out stories of his ‘crime’. He is being prepared for a theatrical trial.His trial has started. He has been accused of helping the killers of Nazi soldiers in a macabre fashion. He has been labelled as a threat to Nazi superiority. To make his trial look real, he has been given a Nazi counsel named Amicus Curie. His counsel promises a fair trial, so do his opponents. Court has sat down to establish his crime. His counsel is asked to put forth his argument. Counsel gives all the accounts of his capture and culpability. Opponent lawyer shouts, “You waged a war against Great Aryans. You shouted resistance and you are not an Aryan”.Amicus deposed, “He only helped to arm his countrymen against the marching Nazis, he shouted resistance because he wanted to kill and he is not an Aryan, that is his guilt. If you send him to gallows, that will serve the justice which he himself yearns for.”Judge pronounces the judgement.”To satisfy the collective conscience of Nazis, it is necessary that this menace of resistance should be made to become extinct”. Judge further pronounced, “Although there is no categorical evidence to establish your guilt but the circumstantial evidence points out that you are involved in the crime. You are a threat to Nazi Interests. You are a non – Aryan who challenged the magnanimity of Aryans. Court is awarding you the death.”Rising of the Court.Execution of the prisoner has been fixed. Jailer came and informed Guruvski that he is going to be put before the firingsquad next morning. Guruvski has been asked about his last wish. Guruvski wished. “Do not tell my wife about my death, do not bury me in my native land. Telling my wife about my execution would make her cry in solitude amid the slumbering of her countrymen and burying me there where your men trample upon the honour of my people will make me turn in the grave”.His wish was granted. Nazis extinguished the light with roaring of guns pointed towards his chest and sent the letter of execution to his wife only after the Immortal remains of Guruvski were put to rest inside the Nazi cage. A lesser Conscience was buried inside the prison.Nazis rejoiced with pride and celebrated their Greatness one voice. Their white collared hangmen shouted from the pulpits of their propaganda temples, “Those who want to show sympathy with Guruvski, will not be allowed to do so. No one will be allowed to spoil the victory march. Only empathy will be entertained”.High conscience of Aryans satisfied itself and no one was seen mourning the death of the lesser conscience.Meanwhile the letter of execution reaches the native land of Guruvski. Stamp on the letter has fragrance of the conscienceful blood. The letter is addressed to his wife. She won’t read the letter for she knows the last wish of Guruvski must have been “Spare my blood, spare her.” She stands up to his wish. And then an Aryan with quenched conscience knocks at her door and tells that, emperor Nerov did not order his execution. Nerov has again set the town on fire and is playing the flute. His birds are tweeting with excitement while the lesser birds have fallen silent in the cage and some have burned their wings flying over the inferno. The conflagration of the resistance is being watched over by Aryans. But the resistance somehow lives on. The Conscience Quenching Blood of Guruvki shall fuel yet another revolution!God Bless The Satiated Conscience.

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