Experiencing love when it is accessible on roads!

They were their children: Ilhaam and Dua – the names they would call them by. They loved them more than their own selves, would sleep surrounding them and keep them in between. Imagine.

They fell in love with each other when uncertainty fell upon the area they lived in. Some circumstances coerced them to stay far from each other for a long time.

A range of feelings would engulf their hearts – love, hatred and despair. But the unfortunate memories and those lived experiences would keep them pressed against the wall.

The Unfortunate Lover

After some time, the two came close to each other after unbearable suffering. Thinking it was a new dawn of life, they started eulogizing their moments together. But the history would not leave their present alone. The ecstasy of the present was tainted by a cruel yesterday.

Both of them would struggle and tackle the unpleasant memories, so the present is lived joyfully and the children’s future is protected.

Ilhaam and Dua act as a bridge between the two souls. They fill the gap that came into following an unforgettable experience of proximity.

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They eagerly wait to get married in a paralyzed society, where love has become so affordable easily accessible on roads, while travelling in buses and going to schools or colleges; but that’s not the love that these two souls have experienced.

Ilhaam and Dua will be their names, if they are lucky to travel to this long destination – which has begun in a situation when everyone listens to the sound blasts, anxiety and fear of nights, while holding each other’s hands.

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