Letter To My Future Partner

I hope you somehow, right now, get this feeling that your better-half is writing something for you. Maybe, a sweet sensation in your heart. I hope you are doing okay in life. Even if you aren’t, I hope things go alright for you soon.

I’m sorry that you’re going through everything by yourself for now, but I promise, when I’m with you, you won’t ever have to be alone. Through your thick and thins, you’ll have me by your side. Through your best and through your worst, I’ll be holding you tight.

I, honestly, cannot wait to meet you and embark upon this journey of life together. To set a perfect example of how things should be dealt with. Be so strong that people get amazed.

We have so many things that we have to do together. Laugh, cry, dance in the rain, watch sunsets together, acting crazy in public and so much more. I’m already smiling:)

I know life won’t always be perfect. We’ll face troughs, downfalls, mishaps and whatnot. But, I do know one thing, nothing is too big a problem, when it’s us two together. It’s us against all the bad days and negativity.

I don’t want any expensive gifts, luxurious hotels, fancy dinners, huge cars. I want you. The pure you. I want you to tell me your concept of fairy tales. I want you to tell me the revolution of souls and your experiences of broken age. I want you to call me when am half asleep, telling me how you find Allah (SWAT) more near than your jugular vein. We together entering in every library and reading Rumi under shades of 100-years-old trees.

I want you to surprise me with gifts of philosophy books. We learning Persian… understanding Iqbal and Ghalib. I want to see the shine of your eyes when you talk about love of Allah (SWAT) and Muhammad (PBUH). My love for you will be beyond all the materialistic things. I want you to be expressive for the sake of God every time.

I’m not an easy person. I’m full of flaws. I’ll get jealous, insecure and sometimes dramatic, but I know you’ll handle me in the best way. Nobody’s perfect. We accept our people with their imperfections. I’ll accept you with all your flaws and then we’ll make each other better people. Just don’t get tired of me. Don’t change. Don’t ever make me doubt myself.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever is it that you’re doing, I’m already in love with you and it’ll continue until my last breath because Allah (SWAT) has chosen you.

“Void of red roses and close whispers of joy and no expectation of loyalty till my last cardiac cycle.”
Your soulmate.
Summiaya Nilofer

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