A Dream Under The Chinar Tree

The zephyr stopped suddenly,
The blue sky turned into sunless sky,
Now their was no rain,
The crescent looked at me & disappeared,

Chinar leaves were drooping & crisping,
Branches wanted to cry but they were wood,
Then I cried and ‘BOONI’ comforts me,
I cried out: Innalaha Ma’Sabreen!

The chinar leaves fell over me,
And I asked, why your leaves fell over me?
Reply was Allah’s green signal gives me a pleasure!
Then I saw myself stood on a Peer Panjal,

Riding The Tide by Ashok Bhargava is no less than a powerful anti-dote!

A mountain overlooking me,
And the occupied land,
But I could see nothing!
It was dark, very dark

I wanted to see my homeland,
The Char-Chinar and Lotus in the Dal Lake,
The magical bubbling waterfall of AHARBAL,
I want to listen,

The Daroods and the Prayers,
And the historical Masjid of the old city,
But I woke up,
No one awoke me up,

It was only a dream,
A tough and not yet fulfilled!

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Imtiyaz Gul
Imtiyaz Gul
Imtiyaz Gul hails from a small hamlet Khuri-Batapora Noorabad Kulgam. He is a literature student & published poet.

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