Come beloved! Come beloved!
You are to be loved.
I have cooked a meal with my blood.
Artificial things are in market like flood.

Tasty the food is, so is its colour.
With you, I have valor.
I will make you sleep with Azaadi.
I will tell you the story of a rebel bee.

I will arrange red flags for you.
I will drop water like dew.
I will sing songs of bravery.
The songs are free.

I will never warm water for your body.
You are a Shaheed and you walk sturdy.
Sweet breezes blow in my world when you intend to come.
Gales forget to blow when you beat a loving drum.

To Mother

You play the flute sweeter than the Cuckoo.
You are as innocent as a dove.
Eagles are on prowl and want to deface us.
Revolutions of minds will fetch us bus.

Vultures are people, people are vultures.
Your features are unique features.
My Sun rises when you rise.
My Sun never sets because you know arise.

Let us eat lunch for once.
My Lions of life will forget to pounce.
My blood is to quench your Shahadat thirst.
My fragile emotions are to burst.


Come beloved! Come beloved!
You are to be loved.

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