Let me tell you about my world,
If you can understand, know this world,
It’s switching within seconds, having lucids
I am not attaining but cannot decline this world.

Coffee beans have chosen one corner,
Black shadows saved being as a hider,
Pearls are listening to Diamond’s talks
The candyman had been eaten, he is shudder.

As the sun is brightening, the sky is gleaming,
As the night is darkening, the stars are shining,
As things are changing, the truth is hiding.
As the stage is replaced, the way is shifting.


Some silents had made me violent
And some violence made me silent,
Everyone knows my silence and violence,
Failed in getting the reasons for my mates.

Dolls have been killed in their pumpkin carrier,
Teddy’s are sewed, have made barriers,
Callously, they have put knives on cotton
Veneration and tie became the suppressor.

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Humaira Jan
Humaira Jan
Humaira Jan is a Class 10th student from Hussaini Public High School. She likes poetry.

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