I ought to start,
With painful words.
The suffering of that birds
Like burden on my heart.

The doves had fled away
From that Vale of heaven-peace
From hawks’ subjugation, they had to cease
Who had placed thorns in their way

The time, there used to be
When clear streams would flow,
The moonless nights, even would glow
Birds flying over woods, as they were free

But, that wasn’t gonna be so
When heaven turned hell, I recall the day
Everything in heaven, was worth, they had to pay
All smiles and joys had turned into woe

Ode To Beloved

The hunters had laid their nets,
For the time of long, hard years
The Doves, dying in fears
Only living to die, enduring all threats

The contrast, doves and hawks had shed
The pure stains of white and black
Like peace and savagery. I was taken aback
As white colour gradually turning red

The hawks never showed clemency,
As doves bring oppressed always
“Bring that Spring back”, li’l chick prays
That li’l chick, torn into pieces by enemy


The moan of those Doves, never reached
As all creatures had put fingers in their ears
The Doves, forced to shut their mouths in fears
And thrown into abyss of oppression by beast

The symbol of peace,
Vanish day by day
As hawks had dominated their prey
Till all Doves cease.

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