Arrival of the Prophet of All, Muhammad (SAW)

Prophet of All, Muhammad (SAW)

This tale is versatile
Belongs to the Muslims erstwhile

A man in Mecca
Truly an imbecile

Rodomontade, calumny and slander
His pen would only rile

Libel against the Prophet (PBUH)
Made the Muslims hostile

Then, the twist of fate
Had pushed him a mile

A mile into Yasrib; there
He was put to a trial

Before the Prophet he laid
In absolute servile
Like a caged bear
Handcuffed and sterile

The Prophet called his soulmate
And Ali (AS) was agile

Heaven Turned Hell

“Cut his tongue,” the Prophet commanded
Receptive was Ali with empathy and smile

Brought he was far off, and comrades
Of the Prophet followed them meanwhile

What happened was surreal
Yet worthwhile
Ali freed the captive who was
Pleasantly fragile

The mob got to Prophet, and peevishly reported:
“Ali has proven himself to be a vile.”

The Prophet chuckled as if he had
Rewarded Ali with a pampering smile

And with this came the next dawn
The Prophet was accompanied by all his pawns
Mosque was unlocked, and everybody surprised
The whole scene had left them all mesmerised

Prisoners of Paradise

The slanderer, and his performance of ablution
Culmination of the message, adequate fruition

The Prophet’s life
Is for all to apotheosize
So let’s just reconcile
And make the world fertile
After all,
The adoption of his (SAW) style, in every isle
Has the potential to lift even an infidel’s profile

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