Just in few months
Their nightmare came to life
It is a baby girl; depressed
Got ready to abort.

They stopped
As they had long dreamt to have a baby
But not a girl
Why? Rapes, dowry and insecurity.

Finally, they had “The baby girl”
And they threw it in the city dustbin
Ahhh!!! That baby girl
With insolent cries.

No one gave an eye
None heard her cry
Nobody geared up to have her
Yeah because it was “The baby girl”

Amma – The mother maid finally got her up from the dustbin
Where she had been abandoned
And gave her the home
With thousands like her; abandoned!

She got a mother and thousand sisters
She was happy and free now
Got love and loved everyone
She started to write and read.

She sang like a bulbul
She prayed for her parents
Oh!! Those brutal ones
After so many years.

She now is ready for marriage
Yes that girl is now a bride
Everyone is happy… the Amma and sisters.

She received a letter from Amma
‘My daughter you are my love
If you will have daughter love her’

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