O mother! You brought me into this world.
Became my shield to the rain.
And thou can heal my every pain.
How blessed I was!

To your arms so warmly
My very first sight
Was the Noor shining Moon light
Despite my first cry
And thy worry, a sigh.

O mother! I don’t deserve
I couldn’t you preserve
Surely I don’t deserve
A mother whom I should serve.

I remember your Pheran which you clad
Where I did something bad
Oh! How I pray my dear mother
For a wish like no other.


Don’t you see my dear mother
Thy importance like no other
Oh! See the Surah al Ahqaf
You’ll never do a Paap.

I grew to a child
And you was never a wild
When I did fall ill
Through a fever’s chill
In thy arms, I did lay
Until the night crept away.

Oh mother! I shall always say
May you be happy in every way
And so I beg for your mercy
For I’m not a worthy.

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