Took away from me this opulence, fame
And even this young stage as well
But bring me back those childhood memories, the “paper boat”

And the monsoon rain as a “bell”
The old memories of my vicinity
The old woman known as grand-mother

In her talks, a group of fairies
In her expressions, the worldly dairies
If one tries to forget; can’t forget

The short night and the long story set
On a hot day, leaving the homes aside
Catching sparrows, nightingales and butterflies

Those gifts of brass-angles
Those scars of broken bangles
An innocent wish of our own idea

Everything in the notions – our own area
Neither worldly concern nor relations and strife
The beautiful was childhood life!

The poem is a translation of one of the poems of Sudarshan Faakir

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Shahid Shamshad Kumar
Shahid Shamshad Kumar
Shahid Shamshad is from Khushipora HMT area of Srinagar. He is a student and loves poetry.

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