Drone flown by Santa Clause

Children were playing in the open on serpentine green paths

Enjoying their poverty, never did they hear that powerful usually lie

Wearing rags airdropped by the civilized world, they look pretty
Misfit in Western rags, bare feet with muck, they do not feel shy
They think all the good things are airdropped at them from above
They run for their surprising catches when they hear sounds up in the sky
After every sortie, they always do not return happy to their mothers
Most of the times, planes above are flown by killers who are out to enjoy
And kids heard sounds again; they came out to catch their airdropped toys
And the Drone dropped a payload of fire, left the scene, all of them to die
Screams of mothers made serpentine paths to look long and straight
Civilized world bookmarked another victorious date, did not care for a cry
Everyday kids are killed in the name of fight against some damned terror
And always those killed are Muslims by faith; no one dares to ask, but why?
Their own kids wait for the red gowned Santa to drop some pleasant gift
They, however, do not know, colour of that gown is derived from a bloody dye
While you all are busy celebrating the arrival of another year
A Drone somewhere has taken off to drop again venomous pie

author-pic Koshur Mazloom


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